Here’s the truth behind the expulsion of Liz Harris from the AZ House!

Liz Harris has a pattern of being dishonest & manipulative.  She consistently seeks to be the center of attention & plays the victim when her dishonesty & manipulation blow back on her.  Many AZ State Legislators have spent numerous hours addressing the rightful expulsion of Liz Harris.  It’s time to turn the page & move on.  In an effort to save our AZ State Legislators’ time, so we can focus more back on the business of the state, & Republican Party, this site was created as an easy reference point for the truth on the expulsion of Liz Harris.

Below are the text messages between John Thaler, Jacqueline Breger & Liz Harris from John Thaler’s phone. The AZ House rules attorney, Jennifer Holder, determined these could be part of public record as Exhibit 5.

In these texts, JL is Jacqueline Breger & 480-313-3924 is Liz Harris. These texts clearly show coordination between Liz Harris & them which directly refutes her testimony in the ethics committee. In short, Liz Harris is a liar!

Brian Ference, Liz Harris’ dishonest ally, has called it an illegal expulsion to get low information Republicans riled up for Liz Harris but that is a lie. The AZ Constitution & House rules supersede the will of any particular LD. The expulsion of Liz Harris is legitimate & legal. Liz Harris brought it upon herself w her deception & lies. The body of the AZ House in more than a 2/3 vote determined they could not trust her & found her behavior disorderly. After observing her in office, it’s unlikely the electorate would put her in that office again which is why Democrats planned to recall her.

The expulsion of Liz Harris assured another Republican would be appointed in her place guaranteeing Republicans would retain the majority in the House & control of the committees. If Liz Harris was not expelled & Democrats were successful at recalling her, Republicans would have lost half of the House committees & control of the House.

Separately, to date, at least 3 AZ Sheriffs have expressed an interest in looking into claims if valid evidence is submitted. One Sheriff even took it upon himself to look into the matter. Thus far, there has not been valid evidence to justify any further investigation of the claims made at the AZ Senate hearing by Breger.